Our Story

Group of girl footballer models having fun



As a father of a daughter who loves to play football and a grass roots coach of a girls team, the benefits of girls playing sport and football in particular are obvious and clear.

It was also obvious that Unisex football kit was the only real available choice for girls who love football.

Girls can be strong, agile, competitive, feminine, fast, beautiful and love football.

Our mission is to promote the girl’s game and encourage all girls who want to play to enjoy the benefits and feel free to express their personality through how they play and what they wear. No longer should a girl feel labeled as a certain type if they chose to play football. Cut, designed and made with girls in mind, we aim to be at the forefront of the development of the female game.

We have also seen first hand the huge positive benefits of girls football for those that can struggle with mental health. With the massive increase in mental health issues for teenage girls we know that being part of a team outside of school and having a safe healthy place to exercise can change lives.

The word \’Pretty\’ was originally used to describe both boys and girls and as an adjective for attractive, artful, clever and capable.
It is not that we think stereo-typically that all girls playing football should look feminine, just that if they want to, there should be a choice, there should be …Pretty Kit.


Richard Wood – Founder